Steve Hatzellis


As lead designer at Hatz Architects, Hatzellis was responsible for the awarded Monash University Architecture School and the recently completed VCA Workshop and Paradise House. Prior to establishing the company, he worked at Zaha Hadid Architects and taught design at the AA School in London. While at ZHA, he worked as a design and project architect for a number of awarded buildings and competitions, leading teams on major international projects including a Masterplan for Bilbao and the Offices and Music Centre for BBC London. His art and architectural works have been exhibited and published in Europe, UK, Australia and at the Beijing and Venice Biennales.
Hatzellis received a Bachelor of Planning and Design and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Melbourne in 1993. He completed a post professional Master of Architecture and Urban Design from the AA School in 2003. Hatzellis has been a Senior Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, where he founded a Master of Digital Architecture programme and has also taught at the AA School and RMIT. He has supervised architectural and urban design studios at the University of Melbourne. As an academic he has focused on research surrounding material systems, geometry and advanced digital design and fabrication techniques.