Location: Broadmeadows

Type: Urban Design

Status: Competition


This project was an entry for an urban design competition for the City of Broadmeadows. Developed as a critique of conventional masterplanning processes, the scheme was developed as a means, not of defining a solution for urban development in Broadmeadows; but rather speculating on the latent potential of the site. Rather than an utopian vision, this is architecture and urbanism as open possibilities and speculation - hence the title - transition city.

We contended that growth and change occur in Broadmeadows incrementally, given suitable interventions. As the interventions proposed in this submission may have different outcomes than predicted we did not show a fully developed 'solution' to development in Broadmeadows, unlike a masterplan which tends to homogenize future possible outcomes. Instead, we show possible outcomes of interventions at two scales which seek to attract growth from outside Broadmeadows and simultaneously from within the local community.


Design: WSH with Mark Bol

Design Team: Andrew Simspon, Owen West, Steve Hatzellis, Mark Bol, Stephan Bekhor, Dennis Prior

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