By: Michael Davis, Steve Hatzellis and Anat Stern.
Type: Urban Design
Status: Exhibition Entry, Vienna, Hamburg, Beijing


Michael Davis, Steve Hatzellis and Anat Stern

D_rive's kinetic tetrahedral system (KineTetras) is a 1:1 prototype of a larger reconfigurable and responsive environment through which we explore the possibilities of customisable public space embedded within the Barbican centre in central London. Intelligent system > D_rive redevelops the kinds of surfaces and geodetic structures associated with Buckminster Fuller's tetrahedral domes. By means of an automated substructure, an irregular tessellated and curved surface can be created out of a regular, orthogonal geometry. The resulting system is kinetic and responds to fluctuations in densities of people and traffic through a series of sensors and localised controls. Informational notation > KineTetras system further acts as an information surface that can transmit selected data. The system responds to cultural activities in the surrounding environment by mapping the sounds and human presence of those events and activities. The system has the ability to depict images through the use of LED's in each tetrahedron, which act as big pixels that have the potential to convey literal or abstract representations.


By: D_rive London UK
Design Team: Michael Davis, Steve Hatzellis and Anat Stern.

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