Medicine Lecture Theatre

Medicine Lecture Theatre


In 2017, Hatz refurbished the Harold Woodruff, Sunderland and Wright Lecture Theatres for the Faculty of Medicine, at The University of Melbourne. The design objective was to demolish the old and worn out seats, wall and floor finishes. In addition, UoM asked for a new colourful environment that integrated Health and Medicine symbols in the seats, walls and floors.


As these were large lecture theatres (the Harold Woodruff theatre accommodated 198 seats, the Sunderland theatre accommodated 321 seats and the Wright theatre accommodated 272 seats), Hatz were able to explore numerous health related symbols in the colour selection and arrangement of the seats. This exploration was also paired with a play in perspective to carry the design intent from seats to wall finishes. As a result, the design outcome sees the symbols of a DNA strand, a medicine pill and an electrocardiogram integrated into the seats and wall treatment of the Harold Woodruff, Sunderland and Wright Lecture Theatres respectively.


Additionally, the performance objective mandated acoustic considerations and power and data accessibility to each seat. Hatz also incorporated acoustic treatments into the design of the wall and carpet finishes and worked with the electrical engineer to bring power to each seat.


As a result, the final outcome were three large theatres, renovated to display a sense of identity and to suit modern day teaching requirements.





Client: The University of Melbourne
Location:Harold Woodruff Theatre, B184
Sunderland and Wright Theatre, B181
The University of Melbourne, Parkville
Type: Institutional Fit-Out
Role: Architecture, Project Management
Scope of work: Full Services
Budget & size: $450,000 - 770m2
Completed:  October 2017





Hatz: Steve Hatzellis, Celine Gruson, Shenia Lay
Project Management: UOM Capital Works Project Management
Consultant Engineers: M&T Consulting Engineers, TD&C Pty Ltd
Building Surveyor: Design Guide Consultants
Head Contractor: Roubaix Projects 
Photographer: HATZ




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