Molesworth 1


Location: Kew
Type: Apartment
Size: 120 sq m
Status: Completed 2007


This project involved significant refurbishment and small additions to an apartment overlooking the Yarra River. The design focused on developing a space that responded and reflected the changing moods of the occupants. Using white and reflective materials the home becomes a canvas for the play of colour and light, with full colour spectrum LED cove lighting animating the space of the dining and kitchen areas. As a result, the home becomes a magical place of changing atmospheres: "slow food upon snow flakes"; or "simmering Madras curries under red sunsets"; or "cocktails in alien lime green landscapes". The bathroom areas operate in reverse by exposing the natural outside landscape to these more private aspects of living. A spa bath cantilevers beyond the existing external wall of the building to draw in views of the river and eucalyptus trees.


Design: WSH
Design Team: Andrew Simspon, Owen West, Steve Hatzellis, Stephan Bekhor, and Dennis Prior.

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