Recliner House


Location: St Kilda
Type: Residential Additions and Alterations
Size: 170 sq m
Status: Completed 2007


This project involves significant addition and refurbishment to a semi-detached single storey Edwardian terrace on a deep and narrow block in St Kilda. The design explores the home as a place of repose. This is elaborated both through the sectional character of the building and the use of familiar materials and fabric as a reflection of domestic comfort. The location of the master bedroom on the first floor that rests upon a solid masonry base alludes to the idea that this is a home, which gently persuades the occupant to "put their feet up".

With the partial demolitions of the existing dwelling to the rear, a new two-storey addition transforms the 'historic' original to provide a residence that formally explores the distinction between 'old' and 'new' through the careful use of form, light, pattern and materials. A new internal courtyard provides a dramatic spatial connection that mediates between the front and the rear, while drawing much needed sunlight into the living areas. The new addition satisfies the planning and heritage constraints of the site by responding sensitively to the scale and language of the existing dwelling, the established rear garden and the interface between the adjoining properties to the north and south.


Design: WSH
Design Team: Andrew Simpson, Owen West, Steve Hatzellis, Stephan Bekho

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