Our Team

Our Team



Director and lead designer at Hatz. Steve has more than 30 years practicing experience in London, Sydney and Melbourne. He has an extensive portfolio of built projects across multiple sectors. Steve designs with vision and sensitivity to the brief and context. At Hatz, Steve leads the teams to produce outcomes that are true to the company's values, philosophy and methodology. During his career Steve has been a Senior Lecturer and has taught and lectured a numerous international universities.



Shenia works closely with the Hatz team, clients, consultants and contractors to lead and coordinate projects from conception to handover. As an architect, Shenia believes that brief fulfilment, client satisfaction and the realisation of successful architecture is achieved with a continual focus on details. At Hatz, Shenia is thorough in working through the details of each design phase to ensure that the final outcome is beyond expectations.



Celine has extensive work experience in
leading and coordinating commercial, educational and residential projects.
Passionate about combining architecture with design and history, Celine sees architecture as an opportunity to enhance the end user’s well-being and their relationship with the built environment. At Hatz, Celine’s unique skills not only identifies opportunities to do more, but also to do better.

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