Workplace Design

Workplace Design


Hatz are passionate about designing a high-performance workplace where your employees, clients, and business thrive.

In industrial settings, workplaces must be designed to ensure workers can safely perform routine functions and efficiently conduct emergency safety procedures.

In an office workplace, employers increasingly focus on designing environments that optimize employee wellness by maximizing conditions such as air quality, lighting, and ergonomics.

Hatz optimize workplaces using the following principles:

01. Activity-based Workplace Solutions

Dynamic and open work-spaces allow employees to work where and how they want without being confined to traditional workstations.

02. Technology Integration

Technologies are integrated into modern office designs to enhance productivity, communication, and collaboration.
Examples include video conferencing capabilities, wireless charging ports, smartboards, data sharing and large screens for presentations.

03. Biophilic Design

We can improve the well-being of occupants by introducing elements of nature into the office space.

04. Accessibility Improvement

As inclusion has become a value for a lot of companies, office buildings have incorporated accessibility in their designs to accommodate all employees.

05. Branded Workplace

Hatz can express your brand personality and story in the office environment to help inspire your employees and to serve as a reminder of the value and mission of your company.Add block

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