Paradise House

Paradise House


Location: St Andrews Beach
Type: Beachside Family Residence
Size: 280 sq m
Status: Handover March 2011


A proposed new residence located on an impressive beachside site - one and a half hours south of Melbourne. Adjacent to St Andrews Beach and the Mornington Peninsula national park, the location features ocean views and preserved coastal vegetation.

Paradise house is a response to very particular site conditions and client requirements. Environmental, planning, topographical, visual, and climatic site conditions were mapped, analysed and integrated into a set of design constraints that responded to these dynamic conditions. The house is organised as a 3-d spiral, foreshortening a conventional linear arrangement and creating both internalised as well expansive views, allowing privacy, visual adjacency and a protected outdoor space typical of courtyard house typologies. Views to the site delineate a set of controlled perspective lines that define the orientation and form ramping volumes.


Design: Steve Hatzellis (WSH)
Design Team: Steve Hatzellis, Owen West, Andrew Simpson, Stephan Bekhor, Nuno Gomes, Dennis Prior, Eugene An and Chern Foong Wong.
Photography: David Yeow
Builder: Vleugel+

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