By: Justyna Karakiewicz, Tom Kvan and a team from HATZ Architects and the University of Melbourne
Type: Urban Design
Status: Exhibition entry to Venice Biennale 2010


If it is true that ...freedom, pleasure, convenience, beauty, commerce and production are the reasons for the city (Sorkin) , why is it we escape the freedom of the city and head for the suburbs where our families become prisoners of our dream, isolated by the car from community involvement into the zones of privatization and disengagement? Seeking quality of life we spend our free time commuting. We search for space, but we end up with a tiny hardscape garden barely enough for a barbecue. We know that this is not enough so we blame government (or the rest of the world); we all carry on in fear of the future. Each day we open the Pandora's box in which someone has forgotten to put hope. Our proposal starts with NOW: 7 Desperate Dreams followed by THEN: 7 Desiring Dreams will lead us to develop the foundation where dreams become reality in the FEAR FREE CITY.


By: Justyna Karakiewicz, Tom Kvan and Steve Hatzellis.
Design Team: Justyna Karakiewicz (MU), Tom Kvan (MU), Steve Hatzellis (WSH), Michael Thomas (MU), Wilson Tang (Inarc), Alex Wilson (WSH), Peter Muhlebach (WSH) and Scott Mason (MU).

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