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Paradise House @ Extreme Houses USA

Extreme Houses USA episode 510 extract [embed][/embed] New residence located on an impressive beachside site - one and a half hours south of Melbourne. Adjacent to St Andrews Beach and the Mornington Peninsula national park,…
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FBE Experimental Research Facility

HATZ has recently completed the construction of a new experimental research facility for the School of Finance, Business and Economics at The University of Melbourne. The new facility consists of a series of observation booths,…
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Sandcastles Magazine

HATZ was featured in the recent edition of Sandcastles magazine showcasing 'Australia's greatest coastal homes'. The celebrated project, 'Paradise House', responded to very particular site conditions and client requirements. Environmental, planning, topographical, visual, and climatic site conditions were…
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VCA Printing Workshop Upgrade

HATZ has recently completed Stage 1 of a series of bespoke workshop upgrades at the Victorian College of the Arts. The project called for the co-location of two print workshops into one consolidated area within…
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Melbourne University Scoreboard

HATZ is progressing with the design of the housing for the Melbourne University Sports Complex scoreboard. Using folded steel to house the large scoreboard, the design is unapologetically bold with subtle references to the Federation…
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Video Production Suites

Hatz has recently completed a series of video production suites for the University of Melbourne. The project consists of three bespoke studios fully equipped for video production, a self-recording studio, editing suites and a conference room.…
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