Music Building

Music Building


In 2019, Hatz renovated all public areas of Building 862 at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) for the Faculty of Music.

The areas of refurbishment included the entry lobby, light-filled central staircase, long narrow corridors, music practice rooms and staff lounge.

The existing conditions to these areas had become run-down with general use and required an uplift. In addition to the refurbishment, Hatz also custom-designed new storage lockers to accommodate various-size instruments.

Hatz utilised colour in the selection of interior finishes to bring life, wayfinding and a sense of spacious-ness back into the building.

The light-filled central staircase was re-painted a bright green and each level of the building was assigned a unique colour.

The use of colour was executed across different finishes including carpet, paint and acoustic wall treatments.

Moreover, Hatz utilised the optical design technique of ‘feathering rhombuses’ to enable a seamless transition of colour; from the floor to the walls and through to the lockers.

This concept was successful in not only introducing a sense of spaciousness but also a sense of movement and dynamism within the building.

The lockers designed by Hatz were practical, functional and aesthetic.

They successfully accommodate various instruments ranging from violins to double basses while tying into the overall concept of the refurbishment.

The outcome of the refurbishment brought back a sense of life, freshness and new functions to Building 862.





Client: Victorian College of Arts
Location: Building 862, Music Building, Victorian College of the Arts
Type: Institutional Fit-Out
Role: Architecture, Project Management, Interior Design
Scope of work: Full Services
Budget & size: $800,000 - 800m2
Completed: August 2019





Hatz: Steve Hatzellis, Harith Fadhillah, Shenia Lay, Celine Gruson
Project Management: UOM Capital Works Project Management
Consultant Engineers: M&T Consulting Engineers
Building Surveyor: Design Guide Consultants
Head Contractor: Tandem Building Group
Photographer: HATZ





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