Old Geology

Old Geology Building
Video Production Facility


This renovation for the ground floor of the Old Geology Building consisted of three video production studios, a bookable video/web conference studio, a bookable self-recording studio, a client meeting room and a Virtual Reality Immersion studio with editing suites and workstations for production staff. Of the three video production studios, two are equipped with green, blue and white walls with black film curtains. While the third production room is a white cyclorama studio.


Completed in 2018, this was a highly technical project in terms of achieving high acoustic performance and technical requirements for film production. Hatz worked closely with an acoustic engineer to acoustically seal each production studio; with the mechanical engineer to ensure vibration and noise from air conditioning units are isolated; and with the electrical engineer to design for specialist lighting. Hatz also worked with ITE - theatrical equipment supplier to ensure that the new studios were designed according to the requirements of each film equipment.





Client: University of Melbourne 
Location: Building 156, Old Geology South Building 
Type: Institutional Fit-Out
Role: Architecture, Project Management, Interior Design
Scope of work: Full Services
Budget & size: $900,000 - 400m2
Completed: December 2017





Hatz: Steve Hatzellis, Faith Freeman, Adam Mamaj 
Project Management: UOM Capital Works Project Management
Consultant Engineers: Cortese Consultants, TD&C, Rutledge AV
Building Surveyor: Design Guide Consultants
Head Contractor: ByDesign 
Photographer: HATZ





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