• Monash Architecture School

    Monash Architecture School

    Summary MONASH ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL Location: Caulfield Campus, Melbourne, Australia. Type: Institutional Fitout Size: 1200 sq m Status: Construction Complete Description…

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  • Kinetetras


    Summary KINETETRAS By: Michael Davis, Steve Hatzellis and Anat Stern. Type: Urban Design Status: Exhibition Entry, Vienna, Hamburg, Beijing Description…

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  • transcapes-2


    Summary TRANSCAPES By: Steve Hatzellis & mDa students at the University of Technology, Sydney Type: Parametric Design and Digital Manufacturing…

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  • Maeda


    Summary MAEDA By: Steve hatzellis Type: Art, Digital Design and Manufacturing Status: Exhibition entry to Maeda exhibition at AA School…

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  • VB2010


    Summary FEAR FREE CITY By: Justyna Karakiewicz, Tom Kvan and a team from HATZ Architects and the University of Melbourne…

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  • hatz-mornington-01


    Summary PLATFORMS FOR PLEASURE Location: Mornington Gallery Type: Conceptual Beach House Status: Research and Exhibition Description This project focuses on…

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  • hatz-seaford-01

    Seaford Life Saving Club

    Summary SEAFORD LIFE SAVING CLUB Location: Seaford Type: Life Saving Club and Community Centre Size: 500 sq m Status: Competition…

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  • Bridge Road

    Bridge Road

    Summary BRIDGE ROAD Location: Richmond Type: Mixed Residential/Retail Size: 1,720 sq m Status: Pending Planning Approval Description This project involved…

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  • Cloud No 9

    Cloud No 9

    Summary CLOUD NO.9 Location: Fitzroy Type: Residential Additions and Alterations Size: 250 sq m Status: Contract Documentation Description This project…

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  • Skylight


    Summary SKYLIGHT Location: Kew Type: Apartment Refurbishment Size: 165 sq m Status: Completed 2008 Description This project involved the refurbishment…

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  • Molesworth 1

    Molesworth 1

    Summary MOLESWORTH 1 Location: Kew Type: Apartment Size: 120 sq m Status: Completed 2007 Description This project involved significant refurbishment…

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  • Broadmeadows


    Summary BROADMEADOWS Location: Broadmeadows Type: Urban Design Status: Competition Description This project was an entry for an urban design competition…

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  • Taian


    Summary TAIAN Location: Taian China Type: Urban Design Status: Competition Description The project consists of a number of interrelated procedures…

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  • Hatz-china-bridge-01

    China Bridge

    Summary CHINA BRIDGE Location: Asia Type: Iconic Tower and Urban Renewal Size: 100,000 sq. m. Status: Competition By: Justyna Karakiewicz,…

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  • HATZ-Mykonos_01

    Mykonos Bar

    Summary Mykonos Bar Location: Melbourne, Australia Type: Residential / Art Size: Small Status: Completed October 2015 Description Hatz has recently…

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  • Recliner House

    Recliner House

    Summary RECLINER HOUSE Location: St Kilda Type: Residential Additions and Alterations Size: 170 sq m Status: Completed 2007 Description RECLINER…

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  • Vault


    Summary VAULT Location: Hawthorn Type: Residential Additions and Alterations Size: 120 sq m Status: Completed 2008 Description A house for…

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  • 8-4


    Summary Location: Brighton Type: Residence Size: 550 sq m Status: Sketch Design Credits Design: WSH Design Team: Steve Hatzellis, Shima…

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  • Shark


    Summary SHARK Location: Monash University, Clayton Campus, Australia Type: Institutional Urban Design Size: 500 m2 Status: Sketch Design Description The…

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  • Berkeley


    Summary BERKELEY THEATRE Location: University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus, Australia Type: Institutional Refurbishment Size: 300 m2 Status: Handover 2012 Description…

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  • Walter Boas

    Walter Boas

    Summary WALTER BOAS Location: Melbourne, Australia Type: Institutional Fitout Size: 2400 sq m Status: Construction Description The key nature of…

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  • New Laboratory for PCB Machine

    New Laboratory for PCB Machine

    New Laboratory for PCB Machine   In 2013 Hatz was engaged to create a new PC2 laboratory to house a…

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